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Michigan E-Verify Law Attorney

Helping Employers and Employees With I-9 and E-Verify Compliance

For immigrants who are interested in working in the United States, or for employers who are interested in hiring immigrants, I-9 documents are the starting point. This set of documents proves individuals can legally work here and lets employers know which individuals they can legally hire.

Because the federal government takes immigration law seriously, they regularly take steps to reduce and eliminate the number of illegal immigrants working in the United States. Whether your business is facing an I-9 audit or has questions regarding the validity of an employee’s papers, an experienced Michigan E-verify law attorney can help ensure your business’s compliance.

E-verify is a process by which employers are able to enlist the aid of the U.S. government in determining if a new employee is authorized to work in the U.S. For many employers who have contracts (or subcontracts) with the U.S. government, E-verify is mandatory; for others, it is voluntary. The growing trend at all levels is to require all employers to register with E-verify, whether or not they have contracts with the Federal government.

At the law office of Richard W. Pierce, P.C., we have been assisting individuals and businesses with I-9 compliance since required in 1986 and E-verify matters since the institution of that program. We can advise businesses and foreign nationals about all questions regarding the completion of I-9 forms, E-verify issues, and help ensure compliance with immigration laws.

Addressing Employers’ I-9 Concerns

Because failing to comply with I-9 forms can have serious legal consequences for a business, many employers have numerous questions about the forms. When we work with businesses, we answer questions regarding:

  • The validity of the I-9 documents
  • The proper completion and filing of the E-verify
  • How long documents need to be kept

The proper completion and filing of e-verify documents are growing concerns for many businesses. All contractors and sub-contractors must have properly filled-out forms, and the government is becoming increasingly strict in its enforcement. Currently, approximately 20 percent of information completed in an E-verify document is returned for being filled out incorrectly. Additionally, up to 20 percent of the cases are improperly rejected by the U.S. government. Although this can be reflective of an illegal immigrant, in many cases it means immigrants who are here legally will be inappropriately denied the opportunity to work.

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Whether you are an employee or employer, we can help make sure your I-9 and e-verify forms are completed properly. Learn more about the representation an experienced attorney can provide by scheduling your initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 734-707-9396.