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Michigan Marriage to a US Citizen Lawyer

Marrying a United States Citizen

If you married a United States citizen, and wish to live in the United States permanently, you probably have a few questions about your immigration status. Many people who get married in the United States want to know if they will be able to travel internationally for their honeymoon. People have questions about how soon they will be able to travel. Many people also have questions about what documents they need to have to prove their relationships if they do travel. Many people also have questions about how soon they will be able to work once they do obtain their green cards.

If that sounds like some of the questions you have, an experienced Michigan attorney can guide you through the process. At the law office of Richard W. Pierce, P.C., we have been representing individuals in immigration matters since 1982. We have a strong understanding of the legal system, and we can help ensure your documents are filled out and filed correctly.

Bringing a Future Spouse to the United States

Fiancés and fiancées of U.S. citizens are eligible for family-based immigration. Getting a green card for your future spouse is a two-step process. We can help you get a K-1 visa for your fiancé or fiancée. Once your future spouse is in the U.S. on a K-1 visa, you will need to get married within 90 days. After you are married, your spouse can apply for lawful permanent residency (a green card).

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Whether you are interested in bringing a future spouse to the United States, or you want to marry someone you met since immigrating here, we can help guide you through the legal process and answer your questions. Schedule your initial consultation with an experienced lawyer to discuss the specifics of your situation. We can be reached online or by calling 734-707-9396.